Anita Camacho, President

Since I was a young girl, I have always had a love of the outdoors and nature’s beauty. My parents gave me a little square of a garden to be my own garden patch and I was hooked on gardening-especially gardening for butterflies. As an adult, I realize the responsibility we have to be good stewards of our environment . I am concerned about the declining population of butterfly species as well as all pollinators and other insects and I am doing what I can to help slow their demise. 

I started NABA Tampa Bay, a regional chapter of the North American Butterfly Association, as a way to help educate residents of the Tampa Bay area about the importance of butterflies in our environment.   Join us to help conserve our butterfly population through education, butterfly walks, meetings and gardening activities. NABA members are a wonderful group of people and I encourage you to come to a meeting, event or field trip to learn more. It is fun and easy to learn about our Florida butterflies and the simplest and most rewarding gardening you will ever do.

Jennifer Roberts, Vice President

I am an avid butterfly gardener and love to putter around in the yard with the wildlife! I grew up in south Tampa (my family moved here when I was 3), and I have now called Valrico home for almost 40 years. I am retired and a grandma now, and really appreciate all the time I am able to spend in the garden. I learn new things every day and am awed by the simple beauty that is all around us. Butterfly gardening is a joy and always makes me smile. I have always liked walking in the yard with children and friends, pointing out caterpillars, butterflies insects and pollinators- there is always a lot going on and I am happy to be able take time to appreciate it all.

Secretary – OPEN

Position available. Email [email protected] if interested.